Driving home from the lake

A COUPLE days ago we were driving home from the lake. Koda and Simon along as always. It is a long drive, almost five hours. In the two years since Koda came out of the woods to live with us I have always taken the same route. Koda does not like the car ride, one of the few things that

Koda is Never Been Scared

EVEN WITH A CAMERA, even if I’d been ready, I could not have caught it. Would not have been quick enough to begin to follow the black streak across the snow. It was simply too fast. Way too fast. Here’s the story. A pine limb had fallen in the yard during the last snow/ice storm. I decided it was time

Industrious and Smart Koda

Industrious and Smart Koda

AT THE OLD CABIN, Koda-the-Forest-Kitten, industrious and smart, has learned a new trick. Koda has long known how to get attention and tell us he wants OUT! Tearing up the laundry, scattering Mom’s desk papers onto the floor, knocking her latch-hook paraphernalia onto the floor, leaping onto and over every piece of furniture in the cabin. Just little hints that

Enjoyment in the Game of Life

IT IS SUNDAY AT the Church O The Pines. And the piney woods look like a snow globe and the chickadees and squirrels dash back and forth among the falling flakes, and eagles sit on their eggs in a tree-top—as persistent rumors of spring remain in the air. But in the old cabin a new game has been discovered by