HOME FROM RAINY LAKE, it is good to be back to the little cabin in the woods we call the Church o’ the Pines. Good to see and hear the humble congregation, hooved, feathered, finned, furred, rooted, and blooming. All seem to acknowledge the changing of the season. The first colors touch the maples and ashes. The squirrels seem even

A BEAUTIFUL DAY for a boat ride

A BEAUTIFUL DAY for a boat ride, I said to Kathy. Let’s go and see the mermaid on the Canadian side. And so we set out, through the little wild islands and narrows past an eagle on its rocky perch, toward Copenhagen Island and the lady of the lake, created in the 1930’s. It had been years since we’d been


ON THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY on Rainy Lake, we had the joy of spending almost the whole day with Voyageurs National Park Supervising Ranger Mark Miller and his lovely wife,Tammie. On an earlier boat cruise to Kettle Falls with one of my Road Scholar groups, I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Mark, and we discovered a remarkable collection of similar