The drive up from Pine Point

TODAY WE MADE the drive up from Pine Point to Rainy Lake, a trip we’ve made many, many times. Fawn Island was calling, but nature was calling too, if you get my drift. So we stopped at a lttle gas station on a country corner in west-central Minnesota, about 35 miles from anywhere. Except the next-door bar. Never stopped there before. I made my way to the Men’s facility (appropriately labeled) opened the door and found this lovely scene. A true ‘comfort station’ in the very finest tradition.
On exiting I stopped at the front counter and told the nice lady how charming it was. “Lots of peace and quiet here, I’ll bet,” I said. “Way out here in the countryside” (I did not say ‘boonies’ or ‘sticks.’)
“Oh, yeah,” she answered. “For sure on weekdays like this, it’s quiet. But on the weekends it gets real lively! Especially for the pig races, you know.”
‘Pig races?’ I repeated.
“You bet! Been having ‘em for years now, right next door at the bar. Every Saturday. You’d be amazed how many folks show up, from far and wide. They do a ton of business.”
I nodded and smiled.
“Then of course we’ve got the 4-wheelers and ditch riders and culvert-jumpers and all of them. They bring in a lot of business, too. So yeah, it’s quiet now, but on the weekends this corner’s hoppin’!”
I’m sure it is. Sounds like fun. And I’ll bet the classy comfort station gets some appreciative use, too. I may just stop by again another time. On a weekend. For the Pig Races, you know. And if the Women’s room is empty I might have to just poke my head in and take a look. I’ll bet it’s amazing!

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