A Stream and A Meditation

This little stream is special to me. In fact, I wrote a song about it—Little Stream, in the EarthSongs collection.

Cascade Style or Windswept Form

BONSAI OF THE DAY: Resting before my mother’s picture in the cabin’s Bonsai Corner, this little tree and I have not yet decided what final shape it will take.

Fireside Chat

PERHAPS YOU LONG TO HEAR A COMFORTING, AUTHORITATIVE VOICE OUT OF HISTORY. When the American people were uncertain and afraid.

Good Music Makes All Things Better

BASED ON MY PHILOSOPHY THAT GOOD MUSIC MAKES ALL THINGS BETTER, I continue here my eclectic sharing of stuff that (I think) is great.

Church O’ the Pines Gallery

A CHURCH O’ THE PINES GALLERY… As we await the emergence of Spring wildflowers, a stroll after snowmelt reveals a favorite sitting spot in the sun;

Poco – Bad Weather

IN HARD TIMES, FEW THINGS FEEL BETTER THAN GREAT MUSIC. So these days, along with bulletins from the Church O’ The Pines, Wood’s Lore, Ole and Sven, the Bonsai of the Day, and Other Stuff…

Key Largo Club

IN THIS STRESSFUL TIME, we are told that to maintain our stability and mental health, we need to act—to DO the things we can do.

The Church Caretaker

EACH MORNING I WAKE UP WITH A SMILE ON MY FACE. AFTER ABOUT 5 SECONDS THE SMILE GOES AWAY AND I BEGIN TO FEEL DEPRESSED, AS I REMEMBER. I remember all the things I cannot do, all the places I cannot go, all the people I cannot see.

A Tiny Chapel

AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, WE HAVE A TINY CHAPEL. An anteroom, a meditation room, or study, if you will, where one can, well, meditate or study.

The Father of Waters

OUT ON THE FATHER OF WATERS for the first paddle of the year. Skirting the ice shelves, dodging a few ‘bergs,’ unintentionally scaring the Bluebills and Goldeneyes, listening to the whistle of their wings.