Peace and Harmony

Bonsai at the lake - Peace and Harmony

MY UNCLE WILBUR, whom I adored, used to love to tell me—whenever I was sad or upset—“Dougie, into each life a little rain must fall.” And then he would chuckle delightedly as if he had made up the saying himself, just at that moment. He was right, of course. But we also need sunshine. We need peace and harmony, as

Wonderful Boxwood

Bonsai in a boxwood

A GOOD BONSAI MORNING to you! I found this wonderful Boxwood as a round, ragged, outdoor shrub in a ten gallon plastic pot at Home Depot this past spring. But pulling apart the thick foliage I found a trunk that seemed to have potential. Parting with $40, I brought it home, cut away more than half the roots (encased in

A Broad Wing Hawk Keens High Above The Pines

broad wing hawk - Bonsai

GOOD BONSAI MORNING… On this ‘quiet’ morn, a broad wing hawk keens high above the pines. The bald eagle nest is alive with adult conversation, with eaglets screeching and begging. The nuthatch mutters softly, chipmunks chirp, red squirrels scold, and crows holler. Sparky the Cardinal sings bold songs, bluejays scream and gossip in the distance. All part of a morning

Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elm Bonsai

HAPPY DAY! My little Chinese Elm bonsai, acquired last September and which, after shipping, went into winter dormancy almost immediately, has decided it’s Spring! And is beginning to sport sprightly green leaves all over. This is OK, as this Southern California tree is being kept indoors for the winter, and will later this year start getting adapted to Minnesota seasons.

My Green And Living Friends

my green and living friends

WITH THE TRANSITION to winter weather in the MIDDLE OF OCTOBER(!!!) most of my little bonsai friends have transitioned into the cold, unattached garage to go into winter dormancy.

Bonsai Zen Forest

IT IS A GOOD DAY at Pine Point, as we celebrate the delightful un-hiding of Trump’s taxes. As we look forward confidently to Joe Biden having a fine debate. As we anticipate our Minnesota Twins in the Playoffs!

Little Tree Forest

LAST NIGHT’S SEVERE STORMS were frightening to the caretakers of a Big Tree Forest. We have had some rough experiences in recent years, and are very grateful to have escaped major damage—hope others did as well.

Cascade Style or Windswept Form

BONSAI OF THE DAY: Resting before my mother’s picture in the cabin’s Bonsai Corner, this little tree and I have not yet decided what final shape it will take.