Bluff Country Expedition

SCENES FROM A WALK in the woods with Road Scholars on our Bluff Country expedition. Here at one of my favorite woodland trails along Trout Run Creek in Whitewater State Park. Jacob’s Ladder, Wild Geraniums, Trillium Grandiflorum, Buttercups, White, Yellow and Purple Violets, Wood Anemone, and Wildwood Phlox all brightened the trail sides. Meanwhile we added to our two-day count

A brand new DW book will be published in China

ON THIS SOLSTICE, it is perhaps a good time to reflect upon the dearest wishes we have for one another, on our next journey around the sun. In the spring, a brand new DW book will be published in China–our next door neighbors around the world. The book, with exquisite illustrations by Wendy Popp, is a new manifestation of an

Wood’s Lore: Scarlet Cups

WOODS LORE: One of the earliest signs of returning life in the Spring woods—Scarlet Cups, a bright red fungus particular to this time of year, growing out of old sticks in the leaf mould.

Excerpt From Fawn Island

Today’s Wood’s Lore speaks to being who you are and belonging to where you are. It’s about an aged little Jack Pine on a rocky point in Rainy Lake. Excerpt from my book, Fawn Island…

Gospel of Rocks

SOMETIMES, WHEN LIFE IS DIFFICULT OR TIMES ARE VERY CHALLENGING, or the wind seems steadily against you, perspective is a helpful thing.

Things Trees Know

SOMETIMES, IN A TIME OF TRAGEDY OR ANGUISH—personal or familial or national—the most that one can accomplish is to carry on, to persevere, to endure.

Wood’s Lore

Hi Everybody! I have so many wonderful Facebook friends and followers, and I enjoy staying in touch with you all. So I have been thinking about another way to do so.