Wonderful Trip in China

READERS OF THIS SPACE MAY REMEMBER that a year ago at this time I was touring China. It was a grand and wonderful trip and offered me the chance to see and experience things I never imagined I would.

My Green And Living Friends

my green and living friends

WITH THE TRANSITION to winter weather in the MIDDLE OF OCTOBER(!!!) most of my little bonsai friends have transitioned into the cold, unattached garage to go into winter dormancy.

Caretaker’s Birthday

TODAY AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES IT IS A RED LETTER DAY, as it is the birthday of one of the Caretakers—Kathy! (My wife by marriage.) We celebrated last night with a nice dinner in the cabin, supplemented by a little wine and an old PBS Poirot Mystery.

Sherburn Wildlife Refuge

SPENT THE AFTERNOON AT WONDERFUL SHERBURN WILDLIFE REFUGE for Kathy’s birthday. In addition to observing and frolicking with grandchildren, always a rewarding experience (and sharing carrot cake cupcakes and hot coffee on picnic blankets)

Bonsai Zen Forest

IT IS A GOOD DAY at Pine Point, as we celebrate the delightful un-hiding of Trump’s taxes. As we look forward confidently to Joe Biden having a fine debate. As we anticipate our Minnesota Twins in the Playoffs!

Autumn in Full Swing

HERE AT THE CHURCH O’ THE PINES, Autumn is in full swing. The old Deacon pines are dropping their needles, carpeting the earth with gold. An azure blue sky is reflected in the Father of Waters, while the air has a definite spicy tang to it.

Florence Price

  OUT FOR A LITTLE DRIVE THIS EVENING and on the radio–Symphony Channel–came the loveliest, pastoral little piece–a suite of short dances actually. We had never heard them before.


AS WE NAVIGATE anxious and treacherous times, it is important for each of us to maintain our own health and equilibrium. To keep our bow pointed in the direction we want to move, and to regularly do a few things that bring us peace and calm.