Friends of the Boundary Waters Interview

FOR THOSE WHO WERE UNABLE TO WATCH OR JOIN IN on the Friends of the Boundary Waters interview between David Backes and me the other night, you can now see it on this link. A book-launch event for David’s new book, “A Private Wilderness,” the conversation focused on the struggles and eventual triumphs of iconic writer and conservationist Sigurd F.

Florence Price

  OUT FOR A LITTLE DRIVE THIS EVENING and on the radio–Symphony Channel–came the loveliest, pastoral little piece–a suite of short dances actually. We had never heard them before.

Poco – Bad Weather

IN HARD TIMES, FEW THINGS FEEL BETTER THAN GREAT MUSIC. So these days, along with bulletins from the Church O’ The Pines, Wood’s Lore, Ole and Sven, the Bonsai of the Day, and Other Stuff…

Our Simon is Back

OUR LITTLE CAT, SIMON, HAS SPRING FEVER. This is of particular interest to us because a little less than a year ago, on Easter, his big brother Scooter died. Scooter-bug was our big personality, our constant buddy, and Simon had never known life without him.

Lake Home And Cabin Show

EVERY WINTER KATHY LOOKS FORWARD to attending the Lake Home And Cabin Show, as we own two cabins on two different bodies of water.

The Fab Four Did Not Disappoint

KATHY AND I HAD ONE OF THE MOST FUN AND ENJOYABLE NIGHTS in a long time tonight, as we braved the snowy, windy roads to the State Theater in Minneapolis, to take a ride on a time machine.

Stories from the Guided Motorcycle Tour of Minnesota

Douglas Wood writes about the Naturalist’s Scenic Motorcycle Tour of Minnesota that took him through tall pines. / Photo courtesy of Douglas Wood Written by  Douglas Wood I’ve loved the feeling since I was a little boy, hanging my head out the back window of my granddad’s sedan on a country road, smelling sweet clover and fresh-cut hay, hearing just